Sorry people, but I feel like I am neglecting my roots in my favorite sport. Let’s talk baseball. Does anyone else watch the winter meetings, or am I the only one? I love the winter meetings. Since my absence from the game, I have found I am more intrigued by the offseason moves, than I am the regular season.

In fact, I watch more baseball news, than games. I am fascinated by how general managers and team presidents go after players in the offseason. I love to see where guys end up. And as a former player, I wonder how they come up with reasons they sign with this team, instead of the other.

My hometown, and favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, had a big offseason sign in Byung Ho Park out of Korea. Park dominated in the Korean league last year, but how he will do in the MLB remains to be seen. But it’s the anticipation, isn’t it? It’s the prospect that he will be a stud that weighs on my mind.

And isn’t that the truth with every off-season sign or trade? The excitement that follows is what it’s all about. Some guys pan out, some don’t. But it’s always the guy on your team, the guy who signs for whatever, or who is traded for whoever. He will no doubt be the answer to your team’s prayers, right?

I’m going to make a prediction, call it bold if you’d like, but the Minnesota Twins will make the playoffs in 2016. I mean come on, let’s look at last season. All of us in the baseball world, including me, thought they would be playing meaningless games in August and September. But they were not, they made a serious run, a run that came up a bit short, but it’s a new season, and we’re undefeated.

Next year we become the 2015 Kansas City Royals. A team that is mostly made up of homegrown players, with a few free agents sprinkled in for good measure. I feel it, this is our year. Let’s face it, at least we won’t have to worry about facing the Yankees in the playoffs. J

That’s what the winter is all about. Looking at your team on paper, and saying to yourself: we really do have a chance!