I’m not much of a basketball fan. But for some reason every March I find myself glued to the television set as my pulse rises and sets with every made basket. What is it about the stigma of college basketball that gets people so excited?

Perhaps it’s the fact that these players are playing the game they love for free. For most it’s the pinnacle of their career. For others, it’s a chance to showcase their talents on the largest stage college basketball has to offer.

Maybe we care so much because money is on the line. Or the chance to win, what is now, like a billion dollars if we pick every game right. Who picks every game right? By the way, my pick to click this year is the Harvard Crimson, wait are they even in it? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The tournament is extra special for me this year. For the first time I get to share this event with my son. He is now three and has since started to take an interest in sports. Even though he has never seen a basketball game, I imagine he will be on the edge of his seat with every ebb and flow the game presents. Or maybe he will just comment on how many zebra shirts he sees as the refs run up and down the court, either way still fun.

No matter your reasoning for watching the tournament, if your team loses you’ll always have the greatest sport to fall back on. Because baseball season is just three weeks away.