If you had a chance to do anything for just one day: what would you do? Would you go sky diving, scuba diving, travel the world? Today, I want to take you on a journey into my life. I want people to see what makes me tick.

Aside from the obvious: leading as many people to Christ as I can, being a loving husband and father; this day is about me. You may call it selfish, or whatever you like, but I want to focus on what I would do on my ultimate day.

First things first: I wake up at dawn to take in God’s breathtaking beauty of the sunrise, then I would proceed downstairs to make myself the “World Famous Dudycha Breakfast Burrito,” ok maybe only world famous in my own mind, but after all this is about me.

After the burrito I would pack up my fly fishing gear and head out on the river. For about five hours I would bask in the warm sunshine in search of my trophy. A fish that only comes around once in a lifetime. A thirty inch male with a hook jaw that would make Frankenstein’s Monster jealous.

From there I would set out for lunch: Shrimp tacos would be my lunch of choice. After about 3 or 12 how many ever it takes; the afternoon would be filled with 18 holes of championship golf. The course doesn’t so much matter as much as the company.

My ideal foursome would include, two good buddies and Ben Crane. The buddies are obvious, but I think Ben Crane would bring hilarity and an unmatched golf game. After all shooting par, or better, I would head home for dinner.

Dinner is served: lobster, hogfish, salted boiled potatoes, and a fresh salad await my drenched taste buds. Once my stomach is satisfied, I’d lay on the couch curled up next to my wife, and enjoy one of our favorite movies together.

Before dropping my exhausted body into bed, I need one of God’s greatest gifts, a hot shower. Fifteen minutes of drizzly bliss cascades over my body. As I hit my pillow to recall the day’s events, my eyes shut before I make it past the burrito.

Not a bad sequence of events, if I say so myself. What’s your ideal day?