I imagine Walter Hagen, Harry Vardon, and Bobby Jones striking these clubs to perfection, and I can’t help but wonder how today’s players would fair with the old hickory sticks. I saw this list of old club names on a course today, and felt compelled to share. My ignorance knows no bounds, I was unaware golf clubs had names, always just thought they were given a number.


#1           Driver

#2           Brassie

#3           Spoon

#4           Cleek

#5           Baffy

#6           Trouble Wood

#7           Scrapper


#1           Driving Iron

#2           Cleek/Mid-Iron

#3           Mid-Mashie

#4           Jigger/Mashie Iron

#5           Mashie

#6           Spade-Mashie

#7           Mashie/Niblick

#8           Pitching Niblick

#9           Niblick

Wedge Lofter

Putter   Flat Stick

I do in fact own three hickory sticks personally, including a flat stick. I’ve always been tempted to hit them, but I fear for the result. Not for the fact that they could shatter in half, but for how poorly I would hit them. The game has changed, for the better I might add, but it’s always good to know where my favorite sport came from.

Feel free to share; if you too love the history of the sport.