Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I do have a one month old after all. She’s beautiful and almost perfect. I know it may be petty to complain about a one month old not sleeping through the night, but I do love my sleep.

Her mother has been a trooper, she’s breast fed on demand since birth, and at ten to twelve times a day, that can be tiring on anyone’s nipples. Let’s just say, I am glad I was born a man. Women are so much tougher than us, it isn’t even close.

Our second child is a lot different than our first. With our first, it was so easy to sleep when he slept. Now I wake up with my daughter around six thirty (her third time being awake during the night), and start my day. Before I put my son back in his crib and slept in with him until his next feeding at about ten, what a difference.

Half the time I find myself so sleep deprived that I cannot recollect how we ended up at Target. My wife is like, “Jon! Why are you staring at the same thing you’ve been staring at for the past five minutes?” Funny thing is, I cannot think of an intellectual response so I just shrug.

The best part is, when my now four-year-old son says, “Daddy are you exhausted?” Which comes out more like wishausted, “Did Charlie keep you up all night?” Yeah kid, I’m wishausted.

My wife and I were blessed with a great sleeper in our first child, and we both pray that our second will be the same. At two months he was sleeping through the night, so I have that to look forward to. I just keep saying to myself, and my wife, “This is only a stage, one that can’t last that much longer, can it?”