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Buried Secrets: A Gage Finley Adventure

Some secrets are better off lost . . . then found.

Gage Finley is used to diving the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, but not while being hunted by a ruthless terrorist organization. After a secret linked to a German U-boat and World War II fortune is uncovered, Gage must fight the ultimate battle against the extremist group as well as corrupt government agents, and maybe even one in his own camp.

When news breaks that potentially harmful and classified documents about the war have been buried along with the sunken sub, all bets are off. Everyone, including the world’s most heinous criminals, wants a piece of that pie.

With the help of Rescue ZULU and his best friend Duke Yates, it’s up to Gage to uncover the truth behind the gold that has been lost for nearly a century.

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Dark Descent: A Gage Finley Adventure

If your daughter was taken, how far would you go for retribution?

After the renowned treasure of Scavenger has been lifted, Gage Finley is forced to fight a battle he never imagined. While being wooed for his findings by a museum curator, Gage receives a cryptic text message from his daughter. She’s been taken while on vacation—held against her will on a vessel off the coast of the British Virgin Islands.

Revered for her own talent in the water, Niki Finley is forced to make a daring dive inside a cave system chasing a rumor of a new treasure. An impossible feat—only to be attempted by seasoned professionals—could turn disastrous if she comes up empty-handed.

Can Gage find her in time? Or will this familiar stranger end the life of his only child?

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Scavengers: A Gage Finley Adventure

Dead is dead. Leave the dead to the sea.

In 1717 during a hurricane off the Bahamian coast, the pirate ship Scavenger went down with all hands, including chests full of gold in the sum of millions, which remained lost . . . until now.

Expert salvage diver Gage Finley swims upon a coral-covered relic at the bottom of the sea floor while lifting a submerged airplane for the United States government. The relic: a flintlock pistol. One of two linked to the notorious captain of Scavenger. Gage, along with his best friend, Duke Yates, and his daughter, Niki, look to reclaim what has been lost for centuries. But a legendary diver, whom Gage trusts implicitly, offers phony advice to preserve a family secret, and a disgruntled and ruthless former sea captain will stop at nothing to find the treasure first.

With nonstop action and twists around every corner, Scavengers is a death-defying adventure you won’t be able to put down.

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Paint the Black

What would you do with your gifts? Would you give into temptation, or rise above?

Jack Burke isn’t your typical teenager. Blessed with talent beyond measure, Jack’s pride overwhelms his inability to make sound decisions. From the time he gets drafted into professional baseball, his character is tested. His childhood dream of a baseball life turns into a nightmare marked by injury, immaturity, and personal tragedy.

Amongst his darkest days, there is only one who could speak life into him—a mysterious girl from the airplane named Sara. Though their relationship gets rocky at times, she is the only person Jack can be his true self with. But after Jack moves up through the baseball ranks, she is left behind, and Jack turns to drugs and alcohol to cope.

Will Jack overcome his obstacles and make his dreams come true, or will he be forced to ask himself the question he never expected: what will my life be without baseball?

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Sitting Dead Sitting Dead Red v4Red

What would you do if you heard the voice of your dead mother whispering in your ear?

For Royce Thorne, baseball is a release. The ghost of his mother, the death of his teammate, the abuse of his father, and the impending outcome of an alleged cheating scandal bring him to a critical juncture in his young life.

If not for a mentor noticing a talent in him that Royce himself does not see, as well as the love of that mentor’s young daughter, Royce may not care to survive. Sitting Dead Red is more than a baseball story. It’s a story of a redemptive life.

Royce must find the power of forgiveness. Not in others, but in himself.

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Chasing the DreChasing the Dream v3am

One is driven from failure to success. The other is willing to let his friends die to chase his dream. 

Brothers Drake and Cade Flint are baseball players. It is in their blood. From an early age, Drake has had superior talent and secures himself a place in professional baseball at the age of eighteen. But after three long years in the minors and a recent fastball gone awry, he is beginning to question his ability and even his love for the game. Will anything be able to help him refocus and recapture his place in the sport he loves? 

Cade Flint, on the other hand, has a belief in himself that’s unparalleled. The brash teenager can do no wrong—at least in his own mind. That is, until he finds himself in a precarious position with an intriguing young woman, who turns out to be more of a stalker than your average fan. She forces Cade to take action, leading to the untimely death of a teammate and to his life spiraling out of control. Will it ultimately lead to his own demise? 

Can these brothers make it out on top? Or will chasing their dreams cost them more than it’s worth? 

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Inside the Dugout 

Do you still remember the click of the turnstile when you were a boy?

The stadium welcomed you. It said, “Come on in and watch as these players dazzle you with their blazing fastballs and towering fly balls landing deep into the crowd.” There is only one place you learned the rules of life, and that was between the chalk-filled lines of a baseball diamond.

J.D. Dudycha has entertained you with his full-length novels; now let him take you inside the dugout for a closer look at the world of baseball from an array of vantage points. In “One True Passion,” an eight-year-old boy is mystified by his larger-than-life heroes only to see them fall short of his imagination. In “The Frisco City Dark Horse,” a down-on-his-luck, washed-up ballplayer strives to prove what little talent he has left, and in “The Baker’s Daughter,” a crazed fan demonstrates just how far he will go for his team. There’s something for everyone in the pages of this collected works.

“Inside the Dugout” is proof that J.D. Dudycha has been there and he understands the game like few ever do. 

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