As Thanksgiving approaches, I began to ask myself, what am I thankful for? Nowadays it is so easy to wrap yourself up in your own world, and forget about those around you. We are a selfish race, and we as humans don’t often take time to look out for others.

Here are a few ways you can help out your fellow man. And with the holidays fast approaching, what better time than now?

  • Serve- Give your time. Why is time so precious? A simple answer, because you can never get it back. We are so inundated with jobs, kids, school, or whatever, that time, can sometimes become a crutch that we hold on to with a firm grip. Giving your time to help out a friend, loved one, or complete stranger, can fill a void in our soul that few other things can.
  • Prayer- It seems so simple, but praying for someone else is something I rarely do. There may be times, when someone sends out a prayer request, or friend says, “Hey can you pray for me and my family,” that I’ll send that request up to the Big guy, but it’s not something I find myself doing often. How about this? Pray for your country, your leaders. Pray for the people who are trying to keep terror out of our world. It may be a new concept to you, but think about how in need we are as a nation.
  • Invite- Chances are there is someone you can think of that has no family near them. Maybe it’s a friend, or colleague. You know they have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, don’t be the people who think: Someone else will invite them over, someone will take care of them. You take care of them. Invite them into your home, feed them, watch football with them, talk with them, chances are they are just searching for human interaction that they may not otherwise receive.
  • Give- There are people are out there that cannot afford to get their children something for Christmas. Find out who they are and help them out. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something small. No matter what it is, they will be grateful, and no child should feel unimportant, especially around Christmas. If you cannot find anyone who fits this profile, contact your local church, they will have organizations they partner with, for this very reason.

In closing, ask yourself how you can serve your fellow man this holiday season. By doing any of these four, or some combination of your own, you will make someone’s year.