Although I am new to the blogging world. I am not new to the fact that I have an opinion. My opinion is just that. It may not be right, it may not be wrong, but I can promise you this, it will be honest. Excitement doesn’t begin to explain the emotion I am feeling over beginning this journey. Please come along side as I explore the world according to me.

Wow. Did that sound self-righteous? I guess if I am being honest, I’m a humble man trying to figure out this world just like the rest of you. I have a family, interests, and a mind that just won’t stop bugging me. So I figure, why not try a blog. It can’t be hard, everyone else is doing it. Wait, is everyone else doing it?

I digress, this blog will be filled with strange adventures with my family and or personal experiences that I feel are too bizarre not to share. I hope you enjoy it and God bless.