Relaxing at South Beach, soaking up the rays, and seeking a life of normalcy after being ousted by her employer, Niki Finley never expected to be approached about another assignment. Then again, she had no idea young women were disappearing from college campuses throughout the country, all with the same look, the same distinct qualities as her own.

Over 1,800 miles away, in a battered shack, during a desolate winter in southern Minnesota, four women have been taken. Frightened and helpless, they’re being held captive until another man comes to steal them away.

Niki is asked to infiltrate, run interference. To pose as a student and act as bait. The woman who trained Niki with ZULU, Agent Collar, has a keen interest in the case and is working closely with the FBI. Both know the man will kidnap again. It’s only a matter of time.

But if Niki is taken, there is no backup. No guarantee she will make it out alive.