She may be young, but she’s been trained to kill . . .

Fresh off her first assignment with the Zealots, Niki Finley has been tasked with a new mission. Get close to her college professor to see if he’s linked with terrorists in West Africa who have been embezzling conflict diamonds into the US.

But the powers that be aren’t convinced she’s ready, or the best woman for the job. She must prove to them, and to herself, that she isn’t second best.

Follow Niki as she travels through the jungles of Sierra Leone to track down her enemy—a man named Payne—who’s been enslaving local African men, women, and children, forcing them to toil in the dirt and grime to unearth the product he’s using to fund his radical extremism.

If Niki cannot overcome the odds and untangle this sinister web of evil, it will be the innocent who take the fall.