Is fly fishing an art form? I would answer with a resounding yes. The ability it takes to be able to place your fly exactly where you need, to get the perfect drift, is a fantastic talent. A skill that is needed if you’re a trophy stalker like myself. Not that I am saying I’m a fantastic talent, I only picked up the sport no more than four years ago. But I’ve been hooked, pardon the pun, ever since.

It is a sport with an uncanny resemblance to pure joy. There may be some of you who do not find it as exhilarating as I do, but to those people I would ask; have you ever set your fly into a 20+ inch rainbow, to fight it by running downstream avoiding boulders, slick ice patches and deep pools, only to net it with an adrenaline-charged smile?

It is hard to contain your giddiness as you see that beautiful creature God created lying just before you. You ask yourself, how such beauty can be transcended through a fish. Once you release it back into the wild, feeling the slimy skin of its body slip through your fingertips, watching, waiting for it to swim off. It’s in that instance you’re one with nature, it’s as if you had gills yourself and were with that trout swaying from side to side in the water.

If you’re not encapsulated by the sport at that time, than I would say yes, find a new hobby. If you are, than I would say, call me up and let’s hit the water.