My first ever “Author Showcase” was a success. I was invited to the Parker library, along with ten other local authors to showcase their books. We all received five minutes to discuss the topic of our book, then field questions, and sign copies.

The best part for me was the interaction with the other authors, although it was cool to meet some fans and people genuinely interested in my book, I was able to bounce so many different ideas off of the other authors present.

An eclectic group of authors were in attendance: Sci-Fi, children’s picture books, dystopian YA, comedic Sci-Fi, Biblical principles, sports fiction, and non-fiction were just some genres that made up the intimate gathering.

I personally enjoyed hearing the author’s journeys. Many people were there with loads of experience and many were there, like me, as a first-time author. For some the journey to complete a book may have taken longer than others, but in the end we all accomplished the same goal, finishing a book for the world to see.














It hasn’t been long since I first began the journey of writing a novel, but within my experience and God’s guidance, I hope I am able to reach many out there who are lost or struggling through life.

I want to personally thank Lisa, and the Parker library staff for putting on an excellent “Author Showcase.” I look forward to working with you when my next book, “Sitting Dead Red,” becomes available in 2016.

Lastly, any persons out there that are interested in completing their own personal works, but does not know where to start, I would be happy to answer any question you have, life’s about sharing your experiences with people to grow in their craft, so please don’t hesitate to ask.