What does father’s day mean to you? Did you have an excellent earthly father who taught you values you’ve taken with you into adulthood? Or have you had to rely to your heavenly father to take the place of an earthly father you’ve so desperately needed?

Either way, Father’s Day is a time to reflect and say thank you to those who have stepped up and taken charge of their manhood to become something we all required from birth. So many memories are made between fathers and children. It’s not the stuff we were bought or given, it’s the experiences. The most memorable experiences I had growing up with my father were: playing catch in the backyard, fishing trips, and camping trips in the RV. He was a stern, blue collar man who loved his family with all his heart.

Even though he had a stroke three years ago, lost his ability to speak, and was left paralyzed on his right side, he has since gave his life to Christ and been baptized by the Holy Spirit. Though his stroke has taken its toll on my mom, and the family, I would not ask for a day back, because he has been saved. Was the stroke the reason for his salvation? We may never know, but all I know now is when I die I will forever be with him in heaven, and for that I say: thank you God.

Now it’s my time… my time to be the father to my son that my father was to me. I will try to show him how to grow up and be a man. How to treat a lady, how to respect his elders, how to treat others, and most of all, how to love God with all his heart. It may be an arduous task, and at times too difficult to bear, but this man wouldn’t change it for the world.

If you still have your father around, please take time to thank for what he has done in your life.