The time has come! The annual fly fishing extravaganza is upon us. My buddy Jason and I go out each year in search of THE FISH, the mack-daddy of all rainbows. A five day trek into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in search of that elusive trophy.

Words cannot explain how much I enjoy this annual trip of ours. For me, it started three years ago when Jason asked me along for the first time. It was my first, a virgin experience on the menacing rivers of Colorado. Before that, the fish of my dreams, were just that, dreams.

It wasn’t until I hooked into my first oversized rainbow that I was ruined for all other trout fishing experiences. Every other trip I take outside of the trophy stalking one’s like this one, my expectations are let down. Because once you get a taste of trophy stalking you’re never satisfied with the smaller catch.

Trout 4















Even though Brownies are sometimes my favorite fish to catch because of the fight they put up, there is just something about the beauty Rainbows. There delicate pinkish red coloring is something out of a Monet Landscape. I can’t get enough of these beauties.

The flows are set to be a little low this week, but the picture’s we’ve seen are a good indication that the larger fish are there. Stay tuned for updated pictures from this year’s trip and look for another blog on the subject by next Monday.