Everyone gets a trophy! If you participate, then you are good enough. A common phrase in today’s society.

The reality is though, what is this teaching our kids? It’s ok to be mediocre? You’re good enough right where you are? Why would we want our kids to settle for that? Striving for greatness is no longer the norm in our society. Mediocrity is. If you do not give your children an opportunity to dream, then they are likely to grow up passionless.

I remember being filled with a fervent desire to play professional baseball since the age of 5. It was all I could think about. Every time I took the field I wanted to beat my opponent, there was no, if we don’t win, its ok mentality. It was win or go home defeated.

That type of attitude not only helped me athletically, but it also taught me to be persistent in my personal life. If I wanted something I went after it. And for our children, that can do attitude is needed now more than ever.

According to a recent study, over half of recent college graduates are unemployed or working in a position that does not require a bachelor’s degree. What does this tell us? Well to me it says there is more competition in today’s ever changing job market. And since young children are taught that competition isn’t something they need to take seriously, they are settling for something less.

The young minds of today are our future. They have passions and desires, it is our job as parents to encourage them, fuel those desires. Let them know it is ok to dream. You want to be a professional drummer, go for it. You don’t want to go to college, because you want to pursue acting. Give it shot. Let them make their own mistakes.

We cannot protect them forever. Sooner, rather than later, they will become adults. We must mold them through the eyes of the Father and the rest will take care of itself.