It was the innocent sound of fifty children collectively cheering for joy because of their love for the game. Our 5th Annual Game Day Baseball Camp, in Evergreen, CO, was a tremendous success. Children aged 5-14 participated, while coaches from high school, collegiate and professional ranks ran the camp without fail.

The coaching staff was young and energetic, teaching the campers the art of pitching, hitting, fielding, base-running, bunting, and catching. This was the largest group we’ve ever had in Evergreen. I extend a huge thank you to West Jeff and Evergreen baseball.


















We were fortunate to have Shock Doctor partner with us once again this year. Each of the fifty members received a giveaway. Arm sleeves, wrist bands, and heart guards were among the prizes awarded to each camper for their hard work and diligence over the two-days.

This year was extra special because of one man. We had a former Colorado Rockies player in our midst. Cory Sullivan was gracious enough to stop by. The kids at the camp were more than excited to meet him, get an autograph, and ask a number of questions. Cory answered every question and signed every autograph. I personally thank Cory, and he now has a new fan for life.

















Good luck this season to all fall ballers and good luck next spring during your high school season. I look forward to our 2016 camp, hope to see you there.