I recently heard a story of a 16 year old boy who weighed nearly 800 pounds.   Undoubtedly this boy was at a crossroads. Either continue down his current path and die at a very young age or do something about it.  He understood he could not go at it alone, this boy needed help.   The boy recognized that without God and His guidance he would be unsuccessful. With that in mind he began to eat smaller portions and started exercising as much as his body would allow. Fast forward 10 years, that once boy is now a man, and that man has since lost 600 pounds and is currently a motivational speaker.

What’s the difference between thinking you want to do something, and actually accomplishing that task? If it pertains to exercise, perhaps it’s fear of how your body will react. I know from personal experience that when I try something new there is a certain amount of anxiety.  But if it is something you truly want to do, you will make it happen. If it’s something you think you want to do, you will only make excuses.

Why do we do this? We tell ourselves, I am going to start eating better, or I am going to start working out more. Is it because we feel like it’s going to happen if we say it out loud, or maybe we are looking for reassurance from others?

I say stop. Stop dreaming and start doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love dreams, I think dreams are necessary. But if that’s all people did, we wouldn’t have the things we have today. What if Edison just said, electricity, that’s a neat idea, but never acted on his impulses? What if General Patton never moved forward with the idea of the tank? WWII may have ended completely different.

My point is people, stop saying that you want to start a business, or be a writer. Make it happen, don’t sit back and wait, take initiative and do it.