Hello everyone,

I know this must be a long anticipated post since I have not posted here in a while. But here it is! The prologue of my upcoming novel, Chasing the Dream. Chasing the Dream, is set to launch on 9/13. You can pre-order your copy now, or wait until it’s release. Chasing the Dream, is quite different then my first two novels. I would classify it as a sports thriller. Here is a little teaser for you:

One is driven from failure to success. The other is willing to let his friends die to chase his dream. Ooooh……Sexy, huh.

But without further ado, check it out below. Thank you for taking the time to read, and have a brilliant day.



Cade Charleston Flint’s compulsion to cheat was insatiable. Not only did he have all the talent in the world, but he needed to win—no, he lusted for it at any cost. His blackened heart couldn’t be punctured, couldn’t be tamed. Some tried but all failed. The eighteen-year-old ballplayer remained reckless beyond repair.

But Cade Flint wasn’t always this way. It seemed as though his rise to stardom drove him into this darkened madness. And some—including his father—pleaded for him to stop. To quit the cheating and the lying and deceiving, but what did he know, Cade figured; his dad had never made it like he was going to, at least not all the way. Plus his dad had left the family at a critical time in his life, and Cade—well, Cade never forgave him for it.

When Cade was only fourteen—right about the time his father left—his brother Drake became a professional baseball player. You could say it was in their genes. Gilbert Flint, their grandfather, Jonas Flint, their uncle, and Rufus Flint, their father, all played professional baseball. Only their grandfather made it to the bigs, but as good as he was, Drake seemed destined.

It didn’t take a seasoned scout to see that Drake had talent. Few stood a chance against the six-foot-six right-hander out of Silversmith, Minnesota. His first year in pro ball he shot through the system with ease. When he got to the advanced levels, people really started talking. Drake struck fear in his opponents—fear that one day would cause him to consider quitting the game.

But Cade Flint surpassed even his brother’s greatness, especially in his own mind.

“Can this kid do no wrong?” the announcer said. “Cade Flint is a wrecking ball, a madman on a mission. He just snatched the victory for the Silversmith Bandits, their first ever state championship. He’s the best in the business, folks. No doubt, he will be going high in the professional draft next summer.”

Cade stood at home plate with his chest puffed out. Turning his body in circles, soaking up the loud cries of excitement from the adoring fans. His teammates danced around him in victory. With his ego bursting, Cade ripped his jersey from his chest and let out a battle cry of exceeding joy: “Ahhh!” There was no doubt in his mind he would make it, make it further than his father or even his brother ever could.