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Just a few things that make Colorado great

Living in Colorado has given me the opportunity to do some pretty outrageous things. The mountains are majestic, and almost all untouched. There are a few cities that are developed, but you can find your isolation as well. Now that my wife and I have been here for seven years, I can say that I love this land.

Sure there are beautiful things where we grew up as well, but I love Colorado all the more. For those of you that have not made the trip to the Centennial State, I recommend you do. I wanted to point out just a few activities that you and your family could enjoy while visiting.

Since it is currently summer, I will start there:

  • White Water Rafting. #amazing
  • Mountain Biking down actual mountains, not down the street, or lame bike trails by your house.
  • Hiking 14ers (mountains with elevation higher than 14,000 Ft.), haven’t done a whole lot of them, but I hear it’s fun.
  • Fly Fishing: so much better and more fulfilling than catching fish on a plain old lure.
  • Concert at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.
  • Catch a Rockies game at Coors field.
  • Visit hot Sulphur Springs all throughout the state.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, to take in the sights, as well as the Stanley Hotel.
  • Golf anywhere and see your ball fly farther than you’ve ever hit it before.

Now let’s move on to the winter solstice:

  • World class skiing/snowboarding on fresh powder.
  • Catch an Avs game to see my Wild destroy them. (Sorry Avs fans)
  • See the mountain towns in full swing.
  • The X Games in Aspen.
  • You can snowmobile in the back country, talk about an experience of a lifetime.
  • Ice climbing, I’ve never tried it, but looks SWEET.
  • Excellent fly fishing, since spots don’t get as much action in the winter.
  • Oh…one more thing—Golf. That’s right, golf. Denver allows you to play year round. I’ve had a chance to play every month of the year since arriving here; that in itself makes this place worth it. To have all four seasons and still be able to golf year round, could it get any better than that?

I love this place. If you are fortunate to call Colorado or the Denver metro your home, I sincerely hope you appreciate what you have. It’s hard to get bored in a place like this.

The History Of The Golf Club

I imagine Walter Hagen, Harry Vardon, and Bobby Jones striking these clubs to perfection, and I can’t help but wonder how today’s players would fair with the old hickory sticks. I saw this list of old club names on a course today, and felt compelled to share. My ignorance knows no bounds, I was unaware golf clubs had names, always just thought they were given a number.


#1           Driver

#2           Brassie

#3           Spoon

#4           Cleek

#5           Baffy

#6           Trouble Wood

#7           Scrapper


#1           Driving Iron

#2           Cleek/Mid-Iron

#3           Mid-Mashie

#4           Jigger/Mashie Iron

#5           Mashie

#6           Spade-Mashie

#7           Mashie/Niblick

#8           Pitching Niblick

#9           Niblick

Wedge Lofter

Putter   Flat Stick

I do in fact own three hickory sticks personally, including a flat stick. I’ve always been tempted to hit them, but I fear for the result. Not for the fact that they could shatter in half, but for how poorly I would hit them. The game has changed, for the better I might add, but it’s always good to know where my favorite sport came from.

Feel free to share; if you too love the history of the sport.

Top 10 Golf Courses To Play Before I Die

Flat out, I love golf. It is hands down the hardest sport I’ve ever played. The fact that it doesn’t come naturally to me, irritates me to no end. I have to practice, a lot to get better, and I am still nowhere near where I want to be.

I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to qualify for the Colorado open by the time I’m forty. That gives me six years to get down to a 2.4 handicap, right now I am a 9. Can I do it? That’s a question only time will tell.

Let me get to the real topic at hand: My top ten list of golf courses I hope to play before I die. These are in no particular order, more so just ten that stick out in my mind.

  1. St. Andrew’s Old Course: There is no doubt that St. Andrew’s is on this list. I beg my wife at least once a month to let me take a golf vacation to Scotland. Not only is it the birthplace of golf, but the beauty Scotland offers is not easily matched, and I have always had a fascination with castles.
  2. Pebble Beach: Any course that is set on the edge of ocean and brings as much prestige as this course does, has to make my list. I love California, and the coast near Monterey is beautiful. One time on this course is all I am asking for.
  3. The Greenbrier: This is an easy choice for me because there would be a possibility of getting me my ideal day: fly fishing in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Plus, I’ve never been to West Virginia, I’ve only seen pictures, and they are extraordinary.
  4. Torrey Pines: San Diego is one of my favorite places in the world, and La Jolla is where I like to spend most of my time while I am in the area. Torrey Pines is rich in history; with Tiger’s eight wins I would love to witness first-hand what the course is all about.
  5. Whistling Straits: There is a reason why this gem of a course is home to many PGA tournaments. The fact that is on a two-mile stretch of Lake Michigan brings the golfer a plenty. I love the fact that it is a links style course much like you would find in Ireland or Scotland.
  6. Pinehurst No.2: I love playing on old style courses with tree lined fairways. It adds a certain element to the game, and for me making it more difficult. Just what I need, golf to be more difficult.
  7. TPC Sawgrass: With only one hole in mind, the famed 17th, I would make the trip to Pointe Vedra Beach. I can imagine staring out at the island green with only one swing thought: Don’t chunk it in the water.
  8. The Quarry at Giants Ridge: I’ve got to give some love to my home state of Minnesota. The Quarry is set in Biwabik, north of Duluth, on your way up to Voyager’s national park. The course is hidden in the northern part of the state, where wildlife is a plenty. I love northern Minnesota, it doesn’t get much publicity, but you won’t find a better course than this.
  9. The Broadmoor: This is a beautiful resort course in Colorado Springs, where my wife and I actually attended the women’s U.S. Open in 2011. The course itself is beautiful, and I cannot wait to get down there and play a round.
  10. Coeur d’Alane: Many people may not know about this hidden treasure in Northern Idaho, but it’s no doubt a great golf experience. The 14th with the floating green is one of the main attractions, but the rest of the course is no easy test either. This Par 71, is 6,803 yards of winding terrain filled with Petunias, Juniper’s, and Geranium’s.

There is plenty of golf to be played in this man’s life, I just hope I can get to each one of these dream destinations before I die.

If you have played any or all of these courses, I would love to get your opinion on how you enjoyed your experience.

The Perfect Day In Less Than 400 Words

If you had a chance to do anything for just one day: what would you do? Would you go sky diving, scuba diving, travel the world? Today, I want to take you on a journey into my life. I want people to see what makes me tick.

Aside from the obvious: leading as many people to Christ as I can, being a loving husband and father; this day is about me. You may call it selfish, or whatever you like, but I want to focus on what I would do on my ultimate day.

First things first: I wake up at dawn to take in God’s breathtaking beauty of the sunrise, then I would proceed downstairs to make myself the “World Famous Dudycha Breakfast Burrito,” ok maybe only world famous in my own mind, but after all this is about me.

After the burrito I would pack up my fly fishing gear and head out on the river. For about five hours I would bask in the warm sunshine in search of my trophy. A fish that only comes around once in a lifetime. A thirty inch male with a hook jaw that would make Frankenstein’s Monster jealous.

From there I would set out for lunch: Shrimp tacos would be my lunch of choice. After about 3 or 12 how many ever it takes; the afternoon would be filled with 18 holes of championship golf. The course doesn’t so much matter as much as the company.

My ideal foursome would include, two good buddies and Ben Crane. The buddies are obvious, but I think Ben Crane would bring hilarity and an unmatched golf game. After all shooting par, or better, I would head home for dinner.

Dinner is served: lobster, hogfish, salted boiled potatoes, and a fresh salad await my drenched taste buds. Once my stomach is satisfied, I’d lay on the couch curled up next to my wife, and enjoy one of our favorite movies together.

Before dropping my exhausted body into bed, I need one of God’s greatest gifts, a hot shower. Fifteen minutes of drizzly bliss cascades over my body. As I hit my pillow to recall the day’s events, my eyes shut before I make it past the burrito.

Not a bad sequence of events, if I say so myself. What’s your ideal day?