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Just a few things that make Colorado great

Living in Colorado has given me the opportunity to do some pretty outrageous things. The mountains are majestic, and almost all untouched. There are a few cities that are developed, but you can find your isolation as well. Now that my wife and I have been here for seven years, I can say that I love this land.

Sure there are beautiful things where we grew up as well, but I love Colorado all the more. For those of you that have not made the trip to the Centennial State, I recommend you do. I wanted to point out just a few activities that you and your family could enjoy while visiting.

Since it is currently summer, I will start there:

  • White Water Rafting. #amazing
  • Mountain Biking down actual mountains, not down the street, or lame bike trails by your house.
  • Hiking 14ers (mountains with elevation higher than 14,000 Ft.), haven’t done a whole lot of them, but I hear it’s fun.
  • Fly Fishing: so much better and more fulfilling than catching fish on a plain old lure.
  • Concert at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.
  • Catch a Rockies game at Coors field.
  • Visit hot Sulphur Springs all throughout the state.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, to take in the sights, as well as the Stanley Hotel.
  • Golf anywhere and see your ball fly farther than you’ve ever hit it before.

Now let’s move on to the winter solstice:

  • World class skiing/snowboarding on fresh powder.
  • Catch an Avs game to see my Wild destroy them. (Sorry Avs fans)
  • See the mountain towns in full swing.
  • The X Games in Aspen.
  • You can snowmobile in the back country, talk about an experience of a lifetime.
  • Ice climbing, I’ve never tried it, but looks SWEET.
  • Excellent fly fishing, since spots don’t get as much action in the winter.
  • Oh…one more thing—Golf. That’s right, golf. Denver allows you to play year round. I’ve had a chance to play every month of the year since arriving here; that in itself makes this place worth it. To have all four seasons and still be able to golf year round, could it get any better than that?

I love this place. If you are fortunate to call Colorado or the Denver metro your home, I sincerely hope you appreciate what you have. It’s hard to get bored in a place like this.

The Perfect Day In Less Than 400 Words

If you had a chance to do anything for just one day: what would you do? Would you go sky diving, scuba diving, travel the world? Today, I want to take you on a journey into my life. I want people to see what makes me tick.

Aside from the obvious: leading as many people to Christ as I can, being a loving husband and father; this day is about me. You may call it selfish, or whatever you like, but I want to focus on what I would do on my ultimate day.

First things first: I wake up at dawn to take in God’s breathtaking beauty of the sunrise, then I would proceed downstairs to make myself the “World Famous Dudycha Breakfast Burrito,” ok maybe only world famous in my own mind, but after all this is about me.

After the burrito I would pack up my fly fishing gear and head out on the river. For about five hours I would bask in the warm sunshine in search of my trophy. A fish that only comes around once in a lifetime. A thirty inch male with a hook jaw that would make Frankenstein’s Monster jealous.

From there I would set out for lunch: Shrimp tacos would be my lunch of choice. After about 3 or 12 how many ever it takes; the afternoon would be filled with 18 holes of championship golf. The course doesn’t so much matter as much as the company.

My ideal foursome would include, two good buddies and Ben Crane. The buddies are obvious, but I think Ben Crane would bring hilarity and an unmatched golf game. After all shooting par, or better, I would head home for dinner.

Dinner is served: lobster, hogfish, salted boiled potatoes, and a fresh salad await my drenched taste buds. Once my stomach is satisfied, I’d lay on the couch curled up next to my wife, and enjoy one of our favorite movies together.

Before dropping my exhausted body into bed, I need one of God’s greatest gifts, a hot shower. Fifteen minutes of drizzly bliss cascades over my body. As I hit my pillow to recall the day’s events, my eyes shut before I make it past the burrito.

Not a bad sequence of events, if I say so myself. What’s your ideal day?


Annual Fly Fishing Recap

It started out cold and never warmed up. Our 5-day annual fly fishing trip from the fishing standpoint would’ve been consider a great success, however, mother nature decided to deal us a hand of bitter weather that wouldn’t let up.

The unrelenting snow pounded us from all angles, but that wasn’t enough to stop us from the best catch, I’ve ever been a part of. Our first day was the nicest day of weather. A balmy 35 degrees with peaks of sun teased us. “This isn’t so bad,” I said. Boy was I in for the weather shock of a lifetime.

We would not see the sun the rest of the trip, with the high’s only reaching the 20’s. Did we mind? Maybe a little, but the pics below will remind you why the weather would not slow us down.
















































Netting the 26”/10# rainbow pictured above was the largest of my young career in the sport. In my mind the quintessence of fly fishing, is sight fishing. I relish the opportunity to see my fly being eaten by my prey. The rush of adrenaline I feel as I yank the fly rod downstream to hook my target is unmatched.

Overall between three of us we caught close to 90 fish in 4 days on the water. With only a few brown’s sprinkled in, most of the fish caught were rainbows ranging in size of 16-26.”

Aside from the fishing we had quite an adventure traveling through the snow-packed mountain passes. With thousands of feet of vertical drop, going off the road was a very real possibility. I would consider myself a bit of a thrill seeker, but at times I found myself white knuckled on the seat in front of me.

Like any trip, this trip wasn’t without drama. The last stop on our trip was a new spot, a secret spot as Jason referred to it. Unfortunately for us this fishing wasn’t a great success, but it was the events that followed that had us all on the edge of our seats.

After the day of fishing was done, we had to hike up a steep grade back to our car with 30-40 extra pounds of fishing gear. When we arrived I set my fly rod on the top of our Suburban to grab a drink of water in my exhaustion. I bet you can guess what happened next; that’s right, we took off with it on the roof. It wasn’t until 20 miles down the road that I noticed only one rod was packed in the car.

“Why is there only one rod in here?” I said. Jason slammed on the brakes and I leaped from the car to see if in fact the other two somehow fell behind the seat. They had not. It was at that moment I realized I left my rod on top of the car.

On the long 20 mile drive back, I was filled with anxiety. As we retraced our route, my Sage was not along the highway or in the middle of the road. That’s a relief I thought. We hit the dirt road that led to our “secret spot” and still no sign. I was so afraid that we would run over the rod that I sat on the door with the window down.

“Stop!” I said, pounding the top of the SUV. There it was lying across the road still intact. Phew! We continued to search for Jason’s second rod that was also left behind. After at least 1 ½ hours of searching the rod eluded us, I guess we will never know what happened to that mysterious St. Croix.



Annual Fly Fishing Extravaganza

The time has come! The annual fly fishing extravaganza is upon us. My buddy Jason and I go out each year in search of THE FISH, the mack-daddy of all rainbows. A five day trek into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in search of that elusive trophy.

Words cannot explain how much I enjoy this annual trip of ours. For me, it started three years ago when Jason asked me along for the first time. It was my first, a virgin experience on the menacing rivers of Colorado. Before that, the fish of my dreams, were just that, dreams.

It wasn’t until I hooked into my first oversized rainbow that I was ruined for all other trout fishing experiences. Every other trip I take outside of the trophy stalking one’s like this one, my expectations are let down. Because once you get a taste of trophy stalking you’re never satisfied with the smaller catch.

Trout 4















Even though Brownies are sometimes my favorite fish to catch because of the fight they put up, there is just something about the beauty Rainbows. There delicate pinkish red coloring is something out of a Monet Landscape. I can’t get enough of these beauties.

The flows are set to be a little low this week, but the picture’s we’ve seen are a good indication that the larger fish are there. Stay tuned for updated pictures from this year’s trip and look for another blog on the subject by next Monday.