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Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart

One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

What does this verse mean to me?

For a long time I thought the reason I was put on this earth was to play professional baseball. It wasn’t until after my senior year of college that I realized, the dream of moving on was not an option. At that time I was lost, lost without a cause or purpose.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes. I went on to start a college coaching career with dreams and aspirations of one day making it big. I wanted to coach at a large division 1 school and eventually make it to Omaha, where my team would hoist the coveted NCAA trophy.

About 6 years into my coaching career I realized another dream had been squashed. God had other plans once again. My son was born in late 2011, and in early 2012 I retired from coaching to stay home with him and run my non-profit. The non-profit is centered on baseball and is fun, but my son is by far my number one interest and priority. Baseball had been put on the backburner, or so I thought.

This February I finished my first novel that I have entitled “Paint the Black.” The story follows a promising young minor leaguer who has the propensity to get himself into trouble. It is a character piece that all men can relate to, with struggles in addiction and women.

God has guided me on this journey ever since I retired from coaching. He has given me a desire to write what I know alongside of him. I love following God. Sometimes it’s scary when he gives you the idea to start something new, but if you don’t follow his instruction then what a waste of your talent.

What does this verse mean for you?

God has given all of us certain gifts and passions. He wants us to use those gifts and passions to further his kingdom. Sometimes we may not know why God is telling us to do a certain thing, but I’m asking you, be open to pursing his path when the time arises.

Maybe your gift is helping people in need, maybe your gift is to start a business, maybe your gift is to play a professional sport. Whatever your gift may be, honor God with it.

It is hard and scary to open your heart to what God has for you. If you are open to it and you do listen, then I promise you, God’s hand will be upon it and will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

Why Do We Care So Much About The NCAA Basketball Tournament

I’m not much of a basketball fan. But for some reason every March I find myself glued to the television set as my pulse rises and sets with every made basket. What is it about the stigma of college basketball that gets people so excited?

Perhaps it’s the fact that these players are playing the game they love for free. For most it’s the pinnacle of their career. For others, it’s a chance to showcase their talents on the largest stage college basketball has to offer.

Maybe we care so much because money is on the line. Or the chance to win, what is now, like a billion dollars if we pick every game right. Who picks every game right? By the way, my pick to click this year is the Harvard Crimson, wait are they even in it? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The tournament is extra special for me this year. For the first time I get to share this event with my son. He is now three and has since started to take an interest in sports. Even though he has never seen a basketball game, I imagine he will be on the edge of his seat with every ebb and flow the game presents. Or maybe he will just comment on how many zebra shirts he sees as the refs run up and down the court, either way still fun.

No matter your reasoning for watching the tournament, if your team loses you’ll always have the greatest sport to fall back on. Because baseball season is just three weeks away.


Dreaming VS. Doing Motivation

I recently heard a story of a 16 year old boy who weighed nearly 800 pounds.   Undoubtedly this boy was at a crossroads. Either continue down his current path and die at a very young age or do something about it.  He understood he could not go at it alone, this boy needed help.   The boy recognized that without God and His guidance he would be unsuccessful. With that in mind he began to eat smaller portions and started exercising as much as his body would allow. Fast forward 10 years, that once boy is now a man, and that man has since lost 600 pounds and is currently a motivational speaker.

What’s the difference between thinking you want to do something, and actually accomplishing that task? If it pertains to exercise, perhaps it’s fear of how your body will react. I know from personal experience that when I try something new there is a certain amount of anxiety.  But if it is something you truly want to do, you will make it happen. If it’s something you think you want to do, you will only make excuses.

Why do we do this? We tell ourselves, I am going to start eating better, or I am going to start working out more. Is it because we feel like it’s going to happen if we say it out loud, or maybe we are looking for reassurance from others?

I say stop. Stop dreaming and start doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love dreams, I think dreams are necessary. But if that’s all people did, we wouldn’t have the things we have today. What if Edison just said, electricity, that’s a neat idea, but never acted on his impulses? What if General Patton never moved forward with the idea of the tank? WWII may have ended completely different.

My point is people, stop saying that you want to start a business, or be a writer. Make it happen, don’t sit back and wait, take initiative and do it.

Everyone Gets A Trophy

Everyone gets a trophy! If you participate, then you are good enough. A common phrase in today’s society.

The reality is though, what is this teaching our kids? It’s ok to be mediocre? You’re good enough right where you are? Why would we want our kids to settle for that? Striving for greatness is no longer the norm in our society. Mediocrity is. If you do not give your children an opportunity to dream, then they are likely to grow up passionless.

I remember being filled with a fervent desire to play professional baseball since the age of 5. It was all I could think about. Every time I took the field I wanted to beat my opponent, there was no, if we don’t win, its ok mentality. It was win or go home defeated.

That type of attitude not only helped me athletically, but it also taught me to be persistent in my personal life. If I wanted something I went after it. And for our children, that can do attitude is needed now more than ever.

According to a recent study, over half of recent college graduates are unemployed or working in a position that does not require a bachelor’s degree. What does this tell us? Well to me it says there is more competition in today’s ever changing job market. And since young children are taught that competition isn’t something they need to take seriously, they are settling for something less.

The young minds of today are our future. They have passions and desires, it is our job as parents to encourage them, fuel those desires. Let them know it is ok to dream. You want to be a professional drummer, go for it. You don’t want to go to college, because you want to pursue acting. Give it shot. Let them make their own mistakes.

We cannot protect them forever. Sooner, rather than later, they will become adults. We must mold them through the eyes of the Father and the rest will take care of itself.