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Top 10 Ramblings From a Three-Year-Old’s Perspective

Since becoming a father in 2011, I was not prepared for what I was about to hear, or say, in the subsequent years. Fatherhood has been a complete blast so far, and I’ve listed just a few of Lucas and I’s highlights over the past three years:

  • “Dude, where are your pants?”
  • “Daddy come here! Look at the size of this poop!”
  • “Does mommy feed Charlie out her stomach?”
  • “Do these look like nipples?” (Referring to suction cups on my sons chest)
  • “Dude, where’s your underwear?”
  • “Why are you naked?”
  • “Now that I’m three, and a brother, does that mean I can drive?”
  • “Can I ride a lion?” “No son, sorry.” “Why not? They seem so furry and gentle.”
  • “Does mommy got boobies!”
  • “Daddy…Come wipe my butt!”

There are so many others, but these are the sayings that stick out in my mind. I’m sure the next few years will be riddled with laughter, and I can’t wait to make more memories, especially now that we have two little ones running around.

Confessions of an Exhausted Father

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I do have a one month old after all. She’s beautiful and almost perfect. I know it may be petty to complain about a one month old not sleeping through the night, but I do love my sleep.

Her mother has been a trooper, she’s breast fed on demand since birth, and at ten to twelve times a day, that can be tiring on anyone’s nipples. Let’s just say, I am glad I was born a man. Women are so much tougher than us, it isn’t even close.

Our second child is a lot different than our first. With our first, it was so easy to sleep when he slept. Now I wake up with my daughter around six thirty (her third time being awake during the night), and start my day. Before I put my son back in his crib and slept in with him until his next feeding at about ten, what a difference.

Half the time I find myself so sleep deprived that I cannot recollect how we ended up at Target. My wife is like, “Jon! Why are you staring at the same thing you’ve been staring at for the past five minutes?” Funny thing is, I cannot think of an intellectual response so I just shrug.

The best part is, when my now four-year-old son says, “Daddy are you exhausted?” Which comes out more like wishausted, “Did Charlie keep you up all night?” Yeah kid, I’m wishausted.

My wife and I were blessed with a great sleeper in our first child, and we both pray that our second will be the same. At two months he was sleeping through the night, so I have that to look forward to. I just keep saying to myself, and my wife, “This is only a stage, one that can’t last that much longer, can it?”

I’m A Father Again! Yay!

And then there were four! That’s right people I became a father once again. My world will never be the same, is a bit cliché, but the truth is, it will not. Charlotte has a place in my heart that I will never let go. It was love at first sight, again!

My wife and I had a conversation today about what it means to love your kids. Not that I thought that with birth of our new daughter I would love my son any less, but the fact is, you love them both equally. There is no 100 point tank where fifty goes to one and fifty to the other. Your love tank is filled to the brim equally. You love them both, and that will never change.

Of course this means, sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and blood curdling screams, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The girl is perfect in every way, and I do not want her to grow up. Time goes by in a blink, none that you can ever get back. So I intend to cherish every minute I get with my two kids.

I could give you a play by play of the C-section, but I don’t want some of you who may be weak stomached to have to put up with that. So I will just tell you that, the procedure went fine and Charlotte is a healthy baby girl.

I am elated that God granted me a daughter. I look forward to our father/daughter dances, our father/daughter dates, and our father/daughter talks. Already she is a strong willed, just like her mother, and if she is anything like her, I know we’ll have raised a beautiful God fearing woman.

Our family is complete. I will be willing to share my interests with my kids, as I am sure they will share theirs with me.

I’ll leave you with this quote from my three-year-old son the day after she was born:

“Dad… now that Charlotte is here, and I’m older, and a big brother… does that mean I can drive?


Happy Father’s Day

What does father’s day mean to you? Did you have an excellent earthly father who taught you values you’ve taken with you into adulthood? Or have you had to rely to your heavenly father to take the place of an earthly father you’ve so desperately needed?

Either way, Father’s Day is a time to reflect and say thank you to those who have stepped up and taken charge of their manhood to become something we all required from birth. So many memories are made between fathers and children. It’s not the stuff we were bought or given, it’s the experiences. The most memorable experiences I had growing up with my father were: playing catch in the backyard, fishing trips, and camping trips in the RV. He was a stern, blue collar man who loved his family with all his heart.

Even though he had a stroke three years ago, lost his ability to speak, and was left paralyzed on his right side, he has since gave his life to Christ and been baptized by the Holy Spirit. Though his stroke has taken its toll on my mom, and the family, I would not ask for a day back, because he has been saved. Was the stroke the reason for his salvation? We may never know, but all I know now is when I die I will forever be with him in heaven, and for that I say: thank you God.

Now it’s my time… my time to be the father to my son that my father was to me. I will try to show him how to grow up and be a man. How to treat a lady, how to respect his elders, how to treat others, and most of all, how to love God with all his heart. It may be an arduous task, and at times too difficult to bear, but this man wouldn’t change it for the world.

If you still have your father around, please take time to thank for what he has done in your life.