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Is It Baseball Season Yet?

Sorry people, but I feel like I am neglecting my roots in my favorite sport. Let’s talk baseball. Does anyone else watch the winter meetings, or am I the only one? I love the winter meetings. Since my absence from the game, I have found I am more intrigued by the offseason moves, than I am the regular season.

In fact, I watch more baseball news, than games. I am fascinated by how general managers and team presidents go after players in the offseason. I love to see where guys end up. And as a former player, I wonder how they come up with reasons they sign with this team, instead of the other.

My hometown, and favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, had a big offseason sign in Byung Ho Park out of Korea. Park dominated in the Korean league last year, but how he will do in the MLB remains to be seen. But it’s the anticipation, isn’t it? It’s the prospect that he will be a stud that weighs on my mind.

And isn’t that the truth with every off-season sign or trade? The excitement that follows is what it’s all about. Some guys pan out, some don’t. But it’s always the guy on your team, the guy who signs for whatever, or who is traded for whoever. He will no doubt be the answer to your team’s prayers, right?

I’m going to make a prediction, call it bold if you’d like, but the Minnesota Twins will make the playoffs in 2016. I mean come on, let’s look at last season. All of us in the baseball world, including me, thought they would be playing meaningless games in August and September. But they were not, they made a serious run, a run that came up a bit short, but it’s a new season, and we’re undefeated.

Next year we become the 2015 Kansas City Royals. A team that is mostly made up of homegrown players, with a few free agents sprinkled in for good measure. I feel it, this is our year. Let’s face it, at least we won’t have to worry about facing the Yankees in the playoffs. J

That’s what the winter is all about. Looking at your team on paper, and saying to yourself: we really do have a chance!





The Question Is: Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?

Are you ready for some football? Football season is approaching with the speed of a rocket ship. Preseason is two weeks in, and the regular season is just around the corner, which means Fantasy Football owners will be lining up for mock drafts in preparation for their own big event.

The question I have every year for my fantasy team is: who will I pick first overall? I play in a twelve team league, head to head, regular scoring matchup. It all depends on which draft position I fall into. Each year I try to pick a top five running back. What’s my reasoning you ask? Because after the top five there is drastic drop off. And I don’t necessarily feel the same way about the QB or WR positions.

If I have a late first round pick, that is where it can get a little dicey. I like to sit and wait to see what others do, maybe get a feel for the flow. But if RB’s fly off the board, then my thought process is to load up on the other skill positions, instead of being scared into picking a mediocre back with a first round pick. That may not be other people’s view point, but if all rock solid backs are gone I would rather get the number 1 or 2 WR than 10-12 RB.

I typically wait until round five or six to draft a QB. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers, but they typically don’t stick around that long. After the top 2-3 QB’s there isn’t much difference in fantasy points from those guys listed at 4-10. Plus it is a lot harder to get value picks with WR or RB later, if you decide on a QB early.

The middle rounds can be where your draft is made or broken. Do you take the chance on a proven veteran, or risk it all on an unproven rookie with a ton of potential? I myself, am a bit of a gambler, so I sometimes take those chances on the young rookies. Some years have paid off, but some have not.

Then there’s the dreaded, “You picked my guy just before I was going to pick him,” game. You think that guy who is “big secret” is going to last until the sixth or seventh round. Guess what, everyone in your league probably has a Fantasy Guide, there aren’t too many secrets left. My advice, if you like a guy, pick him before anyone else has the chance to.

Defense and kickers should NEVER be taken before the final two rounds. Just my opinion, but I don’t see the value in taking the two least specialized positions. Anyone who doesn’t do this, wastes their picks. Not much difference between these two positions, especially the defenses. Since teams change their schemes and coaches so often, you don’t really know what you’re going to get.

Anyway enough ranting, everything of course is just my opinion. I hope you’ll are excited about Fantasy Football as I am. Let’s get it on!


Evergreen Baseball Camp 8/5-8/6

















It was the innocent sound of fifty children collectively cheering for joy because of their love for the game. Our 5th Annual Game Day Baseball Camp, in Evergreen, CO, was a tremendous success. Children aged 5-14 participated, while coaches from high school, collegiate and professional ranks ran the camp without fail.

The coaching staff was young and energetic, teaching the campers the art of pitching, hitting, fielding, base-running, bunting, and catching. This was the largest group we’ve ever had in Evergreen. I extend a huge thank you to West Jeff and Evergreen baseball.


















We were fortunate to have Shock Doctor partner with us once again this year. Each of the fifty members received a giveaway. Arm sleeves, wrist bands, and heart guards were among the prizes awarded to each camper for their hard work and diligence over the two-days.

This year was extra special because of one man. We had a former Colorado Rockies player in our midst. Cory Sullivan was gracious enough to stop by. The kids at the camp were more than excited to meet him, get an autograph, and ask a number of questions. Cory answered every question and signed every autograph. I personally thank Cory, and he now has a new fan for life.

















Good luck this season to all fall ballers and good luck next spring during your high school season. I look forward to our 2016 camp, hope to see you there.


Top 9 Sports Movies Of All-Time

I would consider myself a movie buff, and any one of my high school friends could attest: I mean, after all who spends almost all of their high school graduation money ($3,000) on a box full of VHS’? Wise investment huh?

Earlier on in the year, I posted my top nine baseball movies of all time. I felt that there were some classics, and of course it was all my opinion. But now I would like to throw out another top nine list, this time it will be the greatest sports movies of all-time. Let’s see how your list compares.

9) Rudy– The story about a boy who struggles to make it out of his hometown and show his family he can be somebody. It’s a bit of a cliché, but this one was way before its time. The fact that it is based on a true story, makes it even cooler. I loved Rudy, as did many, and everyone sat on the edge of their seat hoping he would get in for the final play at the end of the movie.

8) Tin Cup- Kevin Costner had the market cornered, and still does, on great sports characters. Roy McAvoy was no different. He played the character brilliantly. His rapport with the beautiful Rene Russo, was enigmatic. If you’re a fan of golf, you have to see this brilliant portrayal of a driving range pro who tries to make it on the “big tour.”

7) Rocky- I was late to the party with Rocky. It came out when I wasn’t even a glint in my parent’s eye, but this picture has held its own to this day. I mean there is a statue of him in Philadelphia. Anytime a fictional character can make that kind of impact, the movie has to be great, right? The fact is Rocky, in my opinion is the greatest boxing character ever. How can you not want to cheer for him?

6) Field of Dreams- There is no doubt in my mind that this is a classic. A completely original take on a baseball movie, all to bring you to the climax at the end. “Hey dad? Wanna have a catch,” uh… brilliant… instant water works. What father/son duo isn’t affected by this snippet of dialog?

5) We Are Marshall- I think this picture is highly underrated. It is acted well, and is an incredible inside look at a team that was decimated by tragedy. It shows the value of being a team, and how everything can come together on one fine day. All you have to do is believe. Great movie and I recommend if you have not seen it.

4) Caddyshack- Best golf movie ever! Hands down, without question one of the funniest movies ever. Not sports movies, but movies. Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in their prime, come on, does it get any better? So many classic lines that have been repeated over the years, and still are.

3) Major League- Again let me reiterate my love for this movie. It holds a special place in my heart and always will. I connected with the characters during my playing days and can’t leave this out of the top three.

2) Remember the Titans- A movie about race in the early 1970’s, even though I wasn’t around, there is still some segregation in our country today. It is sad, and this movie portrays it brilliantly. The acting is superb. I don’t think it could’ve been done better.

1) Miracle- This is so much more than a movie about hockey. Yes there is plenty of hockey in it, but the movie shows just how trying a time it was between the United States and the U.S.S.R. The Russians dominated Olympic hockey for so long, and for an American team to compete, especially college kids! Huh, forget it. But somehow the brilliant Herb Brooks made it happen. To this day one of the best coaching displays of all-time.